Shoot, Edit, Stream for Higher Education

Date: Thursday 8th September
Where: UCL, Exact Location TBC

This is a one day theoretical workshop,  to enable academics, students and education administrators to get a better grasp of the video production process with a particular focus on the higher education sector. 

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Produce a 2-3 minute promotional video
  • Capture a live event on video
  • Shoot edit and stream a series of lectures to a very high standard. 

Topics we will discuss:

The importance of video in higher education
How to effectively plan and execute a video production
Buying Vs Hiring equipment and services
Equipment explanation – Practical exercise to explain how the equiptment works
Basics of sound and lighting
Setting up an interview
Recording a lecture
Presenting in front of the camera
Postproduction, editing software, workflow management
Where do the videos go? Various Platforms and places to display the video such as at open days

All equipment is provided and we accept group discounts for 3 or more delegates. please contact us for more information